A practical guide for conducting deliberative stakeholder workshops

Engaging internal and external stakeholders plays an important role in all RRI activities. A guide on how to involve stakeholders in deliberative processes has now been developed in the ETHNA System project.
“Stakeholder involvement in ethical governance of R&I – A guide for HEFRCs” is the second of three guides being developed by project partner EUREC, the European Network of Research Ethics Committees. It provides institutions wishing to implement an ETHNA System with methodological guidance for participatory stakeholder engagement in R&I governance. The guide outlines a range of options and illustrative examples for conducting deliberative workshops with key actors, whether from research, innovation, and funding communities, business and industry, policy makers or civil society.
Lisa Häberlein, lead author of the guide, explains: “By considering stakeholder perspectives at an early stage, you can effectively identify, discuss, and incorporate societal values, needs and expectations into RRI activities. This guide will help you learn more about stakeholder deliberation methods and techniques to promote dialogical learning.”
Thus, the guide offers a flexible workshop design that can be adapted to the specific needs of the organisation and its structures. “Our goal was to create a guide that is broad enough to address your organisation’s situation and circumstances, but also universal enough to provide a common standard for deliberative activities in HEFRCs,” concludes Häberlein.

Download the guide here

This deliverable has not yet been reviewed by the European Commission. Its content might therefore change as a result of the review process.