ETHNA System for your ears

In traffic, doing housework or while working out: Podcasts can make time fly. Why not listen to a podcast on RRI? In the newest edition of the RRI Explained podcast, ETHNA System’s project coordinator Elsa González-Esteban talked about the project, its mission and what it takes to create an ethical governance system.  

The podcast “RRI Explained” was initiated by the EU project RESBIOS, which will instil robust ethical practices into four bioscience research institutes across Europe. The podcast comprises a series of interviews with experts in the field of ethics, RRI and biosciences. In its latest edition, RESBIOS communication officer Chris Styles spoke with Elsa about how the ETHNA System provides both a foundation and the flexibility needed to create bespoke ethical governance systems, across Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres, and how the other pillars of RRI inform governance. 

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