Responsible Innovation Summit


The 4th edition of the annual Responsible Innovation Summit aims to inspire innovators from business, research and policy sectors to 'build back better' after the Covid-19 pandemic by adapting Responsible Innovation and sustainable business practices. Leaders of change will come together virtually this year to mainstream Responsible Innovation, learn from emerging business models making a […]

Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations Conference


The Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations conference is a four-day digital event to explore the relations between humans and technologies at the intersection of philosophy, design, ethics, art, and engineering. It is organised by a multidisciplinary group of scholars, chaired by prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek, and digitally hosted by the DesignLab of the University of Twente. The […]

ResBios Open Dialogue Webinar “Gender & Career development versus COVID 19”


Over the past year and a half, the way we have all lived and worked has changed drastically. For many of us, we have been lucky enough to keep working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, although most of this work has moved to an online platform. Some of us might have stumbled to adapt to begin […]

STI 2021 Conference


The 25th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators, STI 2021, will be held September 13, 15 and 17 2021 as an online event. The conference is held in collaboration with the European Network of Indicator Developers (ENID). The conference is hosted by the Danish Centre for Studies on Research and Research Policy (CFA) […]

ORION Open Science Final Conference


Open science is about ensuring research is more collaborative, accessible and transparent for all stakeholders. But how do you effectively engage stakeholders in science and embed Open Science practices in your own institution? During the Horizon 2020 ORION Open Science project we have identified attitudes towards Open Science and genome editing, possible drivers and barriers for […]

Webinar: At the start of an RRI project: main considerations to take into account


Transmission of knowledge and lessons from finishing to starting RRI project – what is the ‘new status quo’? what elements of knowledge would starting projects benefit from coming from finishing projects? what elements of transition or ‘things to be carried forward’ by starting projects? This event is part of the eight final webinars the GRACE […]

Gender Conference: Culture eats (a gender equality) strategy for breakfast? – Structure eats (a gender-sensitive) culture for lunch?


We are located at three or four different institutes, namely Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen (Madlen Baumert, Janne Haack), the Institute of Sociology (Andrea Wolffram, Jennifer Dahmen-Adkins) and the Rectorate Staff Unit Integration Team - Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management (Ralitsa Petrova-Stoyanov, Nathalie Wolf, Ramona Liedtke) at RWTH Aachen University, and the Central Gender Equality Office of the Max Planck Society in Munich […]

Engaging Citizen Science Conference 2022

Conference Centre at Aarhus University, Denmark Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4, Aarhus, Denmark

The Engaging Citizen Science Conference will promote knowledge sharing among the citizen science community. The aim of the conference is to engage citizen science researchers, practitioners, and citizens in sharing research, ideas, and innovations in order to make the field thrive and expand. The conference will be interdisciplinary in scope, inviting workshops, dialogue roundtables, posters, […]


Aveiro, Portugal

The goal of this event is to work together on overcoming hurdles and achieving structural change in science and research towards more gender equity. Besides us as CHANGErs and transfer agents from the consortium, we especially invite members of our communities of practice from Austria, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia, as well as our […]