Gender-SMART FINAL CONFERENCE: Harvesting lessons learned: Inclusive Workplaces & Sustainable Impact

The aim is to share thoughts on the people, work, ideas, and commitments within our organisations with target groups (Sister institutes and stakeholders in the field of agriculture, food, and life sciences); good practices on institutionalizing and sustaining Gender Equality Action Plans for Research Performing and Research Funding Organisations (RPOs & RFOs); and pass on […]

Gender Summit Europe


The 22nd Gender Summit takes place as societies and economies are beginning to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and are facing intensified disruptions caused by the effects of climate change as well as global social economic upheavals caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The impact of COVID -19 on […]

Introductory training on Gender Equality Plans


This training aims at explaining the basic concepts of a Gender Equality Plan and its main stages. It will sensitise participants about key problems at stake regarding gender in Research and Innovation and raise awareness about the importance of institutional change for gender equality. The session will be offered for free to those interested in implementing […]

Methods for Change: Social science methodologies for 21st century problems


Have you ever wondered how research can be useful beyond academia? Are you interested in knowing more about different ways to understand a particular issue or tackle a problem? The Methods for Change team is excited to invite anyone with an interest in creative, participatory, spatial, and mixed methods in social science research to our […]

Roundtable: HEI Staff requirements and challenges for Digital Action


Higher Education Institution Staff Roundtable Event: “Understanding HEI requirements and challenges for Digital Action” Are you a staff member at an HEI (Higher Education Institution)? Are you interested in participating or organising activities such as citizen science, hackathons or makeathons - or are such activities part of your job? Do you have ideas about how […]

Webinar – #RESET your research project with gender


The Webinar “#RESET your project with gender” is open to a large audience, and aims to provide hands-on guidance and tools for integration of concepts of gender and diversity into research projects. Topics Gender integration into research project proposals and its impact Horizon Europe’s funding requirements concerning gender, inclusion, and diversity Project proposals: successful stories […]

Workshop: Hive minds: funding a more participatory future for citizen science


At this online event, representatives from UKRI and The Young Foundation’s Institute for Community Studies will reflect on the findings of a new review of Citizen Science Exploration Grant-funded projects, and explore ways to support participatory research approaches, including through Citizen Science Collaboration Grants. Hear more about UKRI's story as a funder in this space, […]

RRI2SCALE & TeRRIFICA Final Conference: “Embedding RRI for smart and climate resilient European regions”

Belgrade, Serbia

The two Horizon 2020 projects RRI2SCALE and TeRRIFICA are organising together their Joint Final Conference. RRI2SCALE (Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2022) explored future Research & Innovation development trajectories at the regional level, with a focus on the three fields of “smart cities – transport – energy”. The project has designed and piloted a solid multi-stakeholder […]

Ending gender-based violence in academia

This high-level conference will address the persistent and damaging problem of gender-based violence in academia, including sexual harassment. Existing studies and policy documents identify the need for policy coordination in this area as well as building infrastructures to address the issue. Gender-based violence is one of the five recommended thematic areas of Gender Equality Plans […]