Joint webinar on Gender Equality in RRI

ETHNA System is teaming up with two related Horizon 2020 projects to host a webinar series on Gender equality in Responsible Research and Innovation.

The webinars were launched as a cooperation of ETHNA System and the EU projects GE Academy and GEECCO, which both focus on gender equality in research, innovation and education. ETHNA System project coordinator Elsa Gonzáles-Esteban and project manager Rosana Sanahuja, both representing Universitat Jaume I, will play a vital role in the webinar taking place on January 13. Elsa will lead through the webinar while Rosana will contribute to the programme with the collaboration of UJI colleague Santiago García Campá.

The webinar will introduce the concept of gender used in RRI and explain the interrelationship between gender equality and RRI plans. The objective is also to raise awareness of the importance of the gender dimension in research and innovation processes and introduce the models and practices that are being adopted for the institutionalisation of the gender issue in R&D&I spaces.

In a second webinar on January 20, the partners from the GEECCO and GE Academy will take over and dive more deeply into the subjects of sex, gender and intersectional analysis in STEM research, gender-sensitive measures in RFOs and more.

The webinar series targets the scientific community, but also policy makers, students and research funding and performing organisations. The interested public is also welcome.

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