Deliverables and Results

NumberTitleLeadDissemination levelDue date (in months)
D1.1Quality and Management Project HandbookUJIconfidential Delivered3
D1.2Overview of events 1UJIpublic  Download deliverable3
D1.3Policy Brief 1UJIconfidential15
D1.4Policy Brief 2UJIconfidential36
D1.5Overview of events 2UJIpublic15
D1.6Overview of eventsUJIpublic36
D1.7Data Management PlanUJIconfidential Delivered6
D2.1Report on the state of the art and best practicesNTNUpublic13
D2.2SWOT analyses of current and future HEFRC RRI initiativesNTNUpublic14
D2.3Review article on the scientific literatureNTNUpublic15
D2.4Scientific article on implementation of RRINTNUpublic15
D3.1Mapping stakeholders and scoping involvement – a guide for HEFRCsEUREC Officepublic18
D3.2Gauging the potential societal contributions of research and innovation – a guide for HEFRCsEUREC Officepublic18
D3.3Stakeholder involvement in ethical governance of R&I – a guide for HEFRCsEUREC Officepublic18
D4.1Draft concept of the ETHNA SystemZSIpublic18
D4.2Final Concept of the ETHNA SystemZSIpublic21
D4.3Blueprint for institutional change to implement an effective RRI governanceZSIpublic21
D5.1Report of Select the aspects that can be tested and accompany
the implementation process
D5.2Extended stakeholder mapping that involve in the institutions implementing ETHNA System (ES, NO, EE, BG, AU, PT)DBTpublic23
D5.3ETHNA System Implementation CoDesign Requirements Guiding PaperDBTpublic24
D5.4Report of ETHNA System Implementation analysisDBTpublic30
D5.5Report collecting the difficulties found in the implementation processesDBTpublic30
D6.1Evaluation report about of the implementation of the ETHNA SystemARC Fundpublic34
D6.2Final version of the ETHNA SystemARC Fundpublic35
D6.35 years ETHNA System Sustainability PlanARC Fundpublic35
D6.4Manual of trainers on the ETHNA SystemARC Fundpublic36
D7.1Communication, dissemination and exploitation strategyBIOCOMconfidential Delivered3
D7.2Project website with internal and external areasBIOCOMpublic Download deliverable4
D7.3First set up communication materialsBIOCOMpublic Download deliverable6
D7.4Newsletter 1BIOCOMpublic    Download deliverable View newsletter6
D7.8-12Newsletters 2-6BIOCOMpublic12, 18, 24, 30, 36
D7.5, D7.13-14Press Releases 1-3BIOCOMpublic12, 24, 36
D7.6Project videosBIOCOMpublic20
D7.7Policy brief / recommendation paperUJIpublic32
D8.1Informed consent procedureUJIconfidential Delivered3
D8.2Personal Data Protection PlanUJIconfidential Delivered3